now the most popular choice when decorating kitchens and bathrooms, Granite's natural beauty and everlasting durability make it the best choice for a countertop surface.


Why is granite the natural choice?

  • One of the hardest of all natural stone countertop material

  • Highly resistant to staining, scratching and heat

  • Largest selection in colors

  • Ideal for kitchen countertops

  • Will maintain its natural beauty forever

Granite Levels
Quality levels are determined by our vendors and the quarries that our stone is chosen from. Pricing can vary from vendor to vendor even within the same levels and same materials. Factors that go into pricing our product include: where the stone is coming from, what the mineral content is, the product's popularity, and how abundant it is.

Below are examples of the granite we keep regularly stocked; however, this can change at any time depending on availability.


Builders ChoicE

Caledonia 3cm

Swan Gray PROMO 3cm***

While Supplies Last

Luna Pearl 3cm

Copper Brown 2cm ***

While Supplies Last

Uba Tuba Standard 3cm

Santa Cecilia Light 3cm ***

While Supplies Last

Giallo Ornamental PROMO 3cm

Giallo Ornamental PROMO 3cm

level one

Ashen/Dallas White 3cm

Oyster White 3cm

Azul Platino 3cm

Santa Cecilia 3cm

Black Pearl Standard 3cm

White G Ornamental 3cm

New Venetian Gold 3cm

Verde Peacock 3cm

Level Two

Black Pearl Leathered 3cm

Steel Gray 3cm

Giallo Ornamental Dark 3cm

Giallo Ornamental Dark 3cm

India Copper Brown 3cm

Napoli Original 3cm

Napoli Original 3cm

level three

Alaska White 3cm

Nero Orion Brushed 3cm

Silver Wave 3cm

Blue Nile 3cm

Nero Orion Honed 3cm

Colonial White 3cm

Rocky Mountain 3cm

Giallo Ornamental Verona 3cm

Silver Cloud 3cm

level four

Andino White 3cm

Salinas White 3cm

Azul Celeste 3cm

Snowfall 3cm

Bianco Gironda - Marble 3cm

Fantasy Brown - Dolomite 3cm

Bianco Antico 3cm

White Orion 3cm

Jaguar 3cm

Level Five

Copenhagen 3cm

Parthenon - Quartzite

Parthenon - Quartzite

Black Mist - Quartzite 3cm

Lennon 3cm

Supreme Gold 3cm