“People like doing business with people they like.”

If there’s money in originating adages, John Rolfe would be a multi-millionaire. Living by his ever-evolving list of proverbs, and his perpetual belief in the good of people, he’s spawned a small army of admirers of whom he’s mentored throughout his professional career. From the age of 14, John worked his way up in the food retail industry to become the VP of a national grocery chain. When his career brought him to Kansas, he was prepared to retire with his company of 36 years, only to experience an unfortunate closure in 2006. In usual John-resilient fashion, he pulled up his bootstraps and taught himself a new trade. Somewhat by accident, after hiring a granite installer in his own home, he stumbled into the business, building up a steady clientele that year.

As John was in the thick of building his company, a new competitor in town emerged. In walks Andre Zandevakili, a young and energetic entrepreneur with a quick, figure-it-out attitude. After being laid off in the financial world during the Great Recession of 2008, Andre partnered with his uncle to sell granite in a lightly saturated market. Selling his first job to an on-duty cop, while distributing flyers in neighborhood mailboxes, his venture took off. Andre learned the art of countertops - from design to fabrication to installation, he became a true craftsman of stone.

In 2013, after both businesses had grown in sales and staff, the two paths crossed where an unlikely merge was about to take place. John, a careful, conservative, and calculated-type, was introduced to Andre, a progressive, resourceful, and charismatic enterpriser. Despite their contrasting personalities, a unique partnership was formed, which resulted in the largest slab warehouse and fabrication facility in all of Northeast Kansas.

Today, this dynamic duo has grown their business from ground up, and prides themselves for their impeccable quality and unmatched customer satisfaction. From start to finish, Heartland Granite and Quartz leads the way with detail, knowledge, and quality. Simply best in the Heartland … Our guarantee is written in stone!